The Calculator A "stay on top" Windows foot-inch calculator. Add, subtract, multiply, and divide linear, square, and cubic foot-inch measurements. Great for contractors, estimators, surveyors, draftsmen, or anyone that deals with foot-inch measurements!

Features include ....

Keyboard or mouse input.
Accuracy to 1/16" or 1/32".
Drag 'n drop converter for easy unit conversions.
Multiple independent drag 'n drop "memory cells".
Resizeable "memory pad" to hold and organize memory cells.
Memory layouts including cell contents can be saved to disk and reused.
Separate printable tapes for the calculator and each memory cell.
Formulas for circumference, circle area, cylinder volume, and diagonals.
Runs under Windows 95, 98, NT, and 2000 (available for Win 3.1).

Memory cells
Memory is Ft/Inch Calculator's most powerful feature. Unlike most hand held calculators that have only one memory storage area, Ft/Inch Calculator allows you to create as many memory cells as will fit on the screen, letting you keep track of many different totals simultaneously. Simply drag 'n drop to add or subtract to or from the Calculator and memory, or from one memory cell to another.

Memory cells can be given meaningful names to help you keep track of what they contain, and complete memory layouts including the number of cells, their names, and their contents can be saved to disk. You can save a current project with all it's values to finish at a later time or you can create reuseable memory templates for common tasks.

Memory cells

The memory pad is a resizeable container for the memory cells. It can be minimized, maximized or stretched to any size and position on the screen. When sized it automatically tiles the memory cells and resizes itself to the nearest multiple of memory height and width.

Calculator w/ tape

Tapes are another useful feature of Ft/Inch Calculator. They allow you to trace your calculations and when printed, they provide hard copy documentation for your results.

The Calculator and each memory cell has it's own separate tape associated with it. Tapes can be resized in length and can be hidden completely when not in use.

Click on the tape display and use the up & down arrow keys to scroll through the calculations for the current tape, or use the left & right arrow keys to move from one tape to another.

Converter (rolled up)
Simply drag 'n drop from the calculator or memory to the converter to see a measurement displayed in several different formats. The number and type of conversions displayed depends on the format of measurement dropped on the converter.
Converter w/ values

Formulas menu

Other features include ....

To order FtInch Calculator:
send a check or money order for $21.95 to:
Attention to Detail
795 Stony Point Road
Castleton, NY 12033

(NY residents please add appropriate sales tax.)

You'll receive a serial number via e-mail that will register and unlock FtInch Calculator.
(please be sure to include your e-mail address with your order)
If you would prefer to receive disks, please include an additional $3.00 to cover shipping & handling.
Free Trial
You can "try before you buy" by downloading the FREE 30 day trial now.
The trial version is fully functional, but will stop working 30 days after installation.
Information on obtaining a code to register and unlock the trial version can be found in the help file and about screen.

Download the FREE 30 day trial version (for Win 95,98,NT,Me) now! (1.7 meg)
Click here for the Windows 2000 compatible version (1.7 meg)

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